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We always have the latest in projector technology. Whether its LCD, DLP, LED, 4K, short throw, long throw, high lumens, low lumens, or anything in between, we can provide it.

Standard Projector Rentals

Standard projectors are the bread and butter of business meetings and classroom training. Ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 lumens, these projectors are the most commonly rented for a wide variety of events.

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Large Venue Projector Rentals

Large venue projector rentals are typically used for events in places like auditoriums, theaters and churches. With 5,000 or more lumens, they are designed for projecting large images for big audiences. These kinds of projectors might be used for trade shows, concerts or movie screenings.

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Short Throw Projector Rentals

Short throw projector rentals are great for presentations taking place in tighter quarters. The required distance between the screen and the projector is minimal which also removes the worry of shadows obstructing the image or light shining in the presenter's eyes.

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High Definition Projector Rentals

High definition projector rentals produce a higher resolution image which is important for some graphical presentations where the resulting image needs to be clear, crisp and in high definition.

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Rear Projection Projector Rentals

When you have extreme limits on the amount of space you can use, rear projection projector rentals make for reliable alternatives to short throw projectors. The display is projected onto the back of the screen. As with short throw projectors, rear projection projectors eliminate presenter shadows as well as the light shining in their eyes.

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DVD Projector Rentals

DVD projector rentals are the perfect all-in-one combination of technology. They have a built-in DVD player and built-in speakers to form the perfect projector for home theaters, movie nights and DVD-based presentations.

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    The first step to getting a projector rental is contacting us. Call, text, chat live, email or fill out a quote online. Let us know a little bit about your situation and projector rental requirements, we will send you a detailed quote. After reviewing the quote, sign and return to book your rental.

  • Delivery & Shipment

    Once your projector rental has been inspected to meet quality standards, it will be shipped or delivered to your required destination.

  • Enjoy & Return

    Enjoy your event and your projector rental. Once your rental term has come to the end and your project or event is complete, simply return via a pickup by a technician or shipment via a FedEx / UPS service using a preprinted return label.

Projector Rentals By Application

Business Projector Rentals - Events & Presentations

Corporate Event Projector Rentals

Corporate events like conventions, conferences, and trade shows have becomes exteremely resourceful for business professionals and companies a like. They can be used for workshops, keynote speakers, presentations and breakout rooms. Or use one to gain the competitive advantage when presenting your products or services at your next trade show.

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Conference Projector Rentals

Large venue projector rentals are typically used for large conferences. Events like product launches, and demos and other large presentations with keynote speakers. These events require powerful projector rentals that are designed for projecting large images for big audiences.

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Powerpoint Presentation Projector Rentals

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most commonly used programs for creating presentations of all kinds. These types of projectors are great for making quality business reports and presentations, or giving a lecture on any topic. PowerPoint projectors are also great for classroom training, tradeshows, and conferences.

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Office & Meeting Projector Rentals

Our projectors are are specialized to accommodate any type of business meeting and any type of meeting venue. Whether your meeting is just to go over a few documents or is a full-blown presentation, our projectors will be able to engage your coworkers with rich and bright colors as well as crisp and striking text. Share images, documents, flowcharts, and video quickly and effectively.

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Training Class Projector Rentals

Whether its for new employee company training or for continuing education hours, a Training Class Projector Rental can be a great tool. By being able to display images, documents, flowcharts, and video, your presentation will stand out. Projector rentals make for extremely effective training. You will be able to engage your audience and they will be able to better understand the material.

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Breakout Room Projector Rentals

Most large conventions and conferences typically have several presentations going on at any given time. Most of these take place in breakout rooms where attendees pick and choose which presentations to attend. When planning events of this size, it can be very useful to rent several projectors to put in each breakout room.

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Projector Rentals By Application

Personal Projector Rentals - Entertainment & Recreational Use

Movie Night Projector Rentals

A projector rental is a great way to bring your friends and family together for a fun filled movie night. Why spend a large sum of money taking your family to the local movie theatre where the tickets and refreshments are overpriced? Local theatres can be overly crowded, sold out or noisy. You can even emulate the drive-in setting with an outdoor movie night.

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Sporting Event Projector Rentals

A rental can allow you to enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home, without having to bother with large crowds and high-priced tickets and refreshments. Whether its just a preseason game or a big Superbowl party, you can witness every exciting moment with your buddies.

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Family Reunion Projector Rentals

Family reunions are great for catching up and having a good time together for a day or maybe a weekend, but everyone still goes home and misses those special "in between" moments. One solution is a family reunion slideshow. By putting together a slideshow of family photographs, you can make anyone feel like they were a part of any special moment.

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Wedding Reception Projector Rentals

What better way to celebrate this special day, than to share treasured memories with family and friends? By renting a projector for your wedding, you can display a slideshow of the bride and groom in their most tender moments. When your friends and family see those cherished moments in striking, rich color, they will feel the love.

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Graduation Projector Rentals

High school and college graduations are pivotal moments in a persons life. However, not everyone gets to witness the moments that makes each graduate the person they are. By getting a graduation projector rental, you can make a showcase of all of the important events that happened during your graduate's schooling.

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Birthday Party Projector Rentals

Your birthday party should be all about you, with a birthday party projector rental you can show off all of your favorite memories which have been captured on camera. Alternatively, you could use a projector to create more favorite memories by hosting the best DDR party of all time for your birthday.

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Funeral Projector Rentals

When a loved one has passed on, a great way to honor them is by sharing fond memories of their life. A projector rental can be invaluable at an event such as a funeral.

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Anniversary Projector Rentals

If you want to celebrate your anniversary in a unique fashion, get an anniversary projector rental. You can use a projector rental to watch your favorite movies under a starry night with your significant other, or you could make slideshow to set a tasteful backdrop for your special anniversary party.

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