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LCD Projector Rentals

LCD Projector Rental 2,000 Lumens (1-50 People)
LCD Projector Rental 5,000 Lumens (50-200 People)
LCD Projector Rental 10,000 Lumens (200+ People)

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LCD Projector Rentals

LCD Projector Rentals

Renting a projector can spare you the burden of traveling with equipment, giving you an extra hand to carry other important items. Not only that, but renting a projector can save you time and money over purchasing one. At, we can deliver the projector to the destination of your choice at a fraction of the cost of buying one. It makes sense to rent when your projector need is only temporary and we offer some of the most competitive rates in the projector rental business.

LCD Projector Rentals

LCD Projector Fast Facts

- LCD Projectors often appear brighter than DLP at the same lumen.

- LCD Projectors can allow the presenter to keep some lights on so audience can see to take notes.

- Find out How LCD Projector Technology Works

- An LCD Projector Rental is perfect for a Business Presentation or even a Sporting Event.

LCD Projector News and Information:

Business professionals travel the country more today than ever before. With so many advances in technology, it's so much easier to travel from city to city, state to state or even coast to coast, than it was even twenty years ago. As a matter of fact, for one person to attend meetings in several different cities each day is not unheard of.

Despite the ease of travel, there are definitely obstacles to face. If traveling by plane, getting through security can be a hassle in itself, especially if you are having to bring along a projector to use once you have reached your destination. Even if you aren't flying to your business meeting, the last thing you need is something extra to carry along. Chances are, you already have enough to keep your hands full.

LCD Metal Halide Lamps are used in LCD Projectors

Metal Halide Lamps for Max LCD Brightness

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Projectors display images typically by using small metal halide lamps. These lamps are used because they produce a wide range of colors at ideal color temperatures. Additionally, metal halide lamps enable a projector to emit large amounts of light (on average 2,000 to 15,000 Lumens) in a small area.