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Acer Projector Rentals

Acer projectors presents breathtaking visuals for remarkable home, office or classroom presentations. Convenient utilities enable easy setup, while advanced power-management solutions conserve energy. Acer offers a wide range of projectors types, from large-venue projectors to portables, so whatever your presentation needs are, our agents can get you the right Acer projector.

Acer Projector Variety

Acer has a variety of projector models to suit any application. Their home series of projectors are great for Full HD video entertainment while their professional grade projectors are designed for presentations and large business venues. Additionally, Acer has lightweight, portable travel models and value models for those who are on a budget.

Acer Ultra Portables

Some of Acer's most popular projectors are their lightweight portable travel projectors that are extremely small, so small that they can fit easily in your pocket. Despite their small size, their mini projectors feature high brightness, an intuitive UI, rich media functionality, and easy setup in various environments.

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