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Eiki Projector Rental

Eiki is a Japan-based company that recognized its talent for engineering 16mm film projectors, and set for its self the goal of producing the best classroom projector. Eiki can also claim responsibility for many innovative breakthroughs in the technology. Eiki (pronounced A-Key) applies simple concepts when designing and engineering their projectors, resulting in a projector that costs less to manufacture, is far more reliable, and is much easier to repair than any other.

Eiki divides its projectors into various classes and subclasses, depending on the size and context of your event. The two major categories are Attached Lens Projectors and Optional Lens Projectors. Attached lens projectors include Eiki's most entry level projectors, ones that are designed for the classroom and meeting rooms. Eiki's Optional Lens category is comprised of those projectors that are designed for much larger settings. These include traditional and HD projectors made for conferences, boardrooms, and theaters. offers top of the line projector rentals from top brand names like Eiki. Your Tech Travel Agent makes acquiring Eiki projector rentals a breeze. Not only will they deliver your rental directly to your event but they will also have it set up and installed and make sure everything is working properly before they leave. Your Tech Travel Agent takes all the hassle out of renting and can set you up with a high quality projector rental anywhere you need in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or worldwide!

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