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NEC Display Solutions Ltd. is one of the few global manufacturers employing three major projection methods in its projector products: LCD method, 1-Chip DLP method, and 3-Chip DLP method. The respective projection methods have advantages and disadvantages. NEC employs optimum projection methods in their products considering the purpose of use, the environment, application, and the specifications in order to respond to different requirements from customers.

In order to achieve high brightness, high quality images, compact body and light weight, as well as improvements in the functions of projectors, NEC Display Solutions Ltd. develops unique and advanced technologies. That is why NEC has a wide variety of models for mobile, business, education, entertainment, public display, staging and digital cinema offers top of the line projector rentals from top brand names like NEC. Your Tech Travel Agent makes acquiring NEC projector rentals a breeze. Not only will they deliver your rental directly to your event but they will also have it set up and installed and make sure everything is working properly before they leave. Your Tech Travel Agent takes all the hassle out of renting and can set you up with a high quality projector rental anywhere you need in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or worldwide!

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