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Personal Projector Rentals

Personal Projector Rentals

Projector Rentals for personal use including movie nights, parties, educational uses, weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, sporting events, graduations, birthdays, and other family events.

Wedding Projector RentalPersonal Projector Rental

If you are getting married, make plans to rent a projector and save up to 50% off what the hotel would charge you for the same projector rental. You can always save by renting projectors from a national organization over the hotel av service company.

Better yet, if you are planning your reception at a Graduation center or a private residence, the projector can be delivered directly to your reception location anywhere in the US or Canada.

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Family Reunion Projector Rental

Family reunions, anniversaries, and birthdays are great for catching up and having a good time together for a day or maybe a weekend, but everyone still goes home and misses those special "in between" moments. One solution is a family reunion slideshow. By putting together a slideshow of family photographs, you can make anyone feel like they were a part of any special moment.

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Education Projector Rental

Whether you're a teacher or a student, a projector rental can be beneficial in the educational process. In this day and age, most education material can be accessed online or through some digital medium. Visual aids displayed from a projector are great for engaging and sometime entertaining for your students, allowing them to more easily absorb the information.

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Funeral Projector Rental

When a loved one has passed on, a great way to honor them is by sharing fond memories of their life. A projector rental can be invaluable at an event such as a funeral.

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Sporting Event Projector RentalsSporting Event Projector Rental

A rental can allow you to enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home, without having to bother with large crowds and high-priced tickets and refreshments. Whether its just a preseason game or a big Superbowl party, you can witness every exciting moment with your buddies.

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Movie Night Projector Rental

If you have a light colored wall, all you need is a projector to make movie night at your home, school, after-prom or other event. Renting projectors is an easy way to make a big impression.

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Birthday Projector Rental

Is there an important birthday coming up soon? Consider renting a projector to help everyone see the photos of the birthday person. Also a projector rental means you can have bigger than life birthday movies.

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Graduation Projector Rental

Having a Graduation? A projector rental may be just the thing to spice things up a bit. Take pictures of your Graduation guests then show them on the large screen projector.

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Graduation Projector Rental Quote

Bar Mitzvah Projector Rental

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Anniversary Projector Rental

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